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Ryalux Carpets

Ryalux Carpets are world-renowned for their quality, their colour range and the luxurious feel associated with highest quality wool.

Ryalux was founded by William Lomas in 1970 and employed hundreds of workers at their main site on Ensor Mill in Rochdale. The Mill eventually proved unsuitable for modern carpet manufacturing and logistics and in 2007 Ryalux moved their production out of Ensor Mill to sites in Lancashire and Yorkshire where 4m and 5m wide carpet rolls are made today as well as “hand-made” any colour, any size carpets up to 7m wide. GSG Carpet Factory Shop now occupies part of the original factory at Ensor Mill.

Ryalux Carpet Quality

The Ryalux colour range is the best in the industry and includes twist pile, velvet cut pile, shagpile or natural (loop), usually 80/20 or 100% wool, and hard wearing as follows:

  • Grade 4 (Heavy Duty/General Contract)
  • Grade 5 (Extra Heavy Duty/General Contract)
  • Grade 6 (Super Luxury Domestic/Super Heavy Contract)

The quality feel is partly due to the manufacturing process but mostly related to the quality of the yarn. Ryalux use the best wool available, which is from New Zealand and from England, including wool from the Chatsworth Estate in Derbyshire.

GSG supply both full service luxury Ryalux carpets alongside a wide selection of downgraded carpets.

Reasons for downgraded carpets

Manufacturing process
Wool being a natural product, it is impossible to guarantee that the carpet will always be up to standard after going through the complete manufacturing process from spinning, through dyeing, to tufting shearing and backing.

When carpets do not meet the rigorous quality control and standards set by Ryalux, the carpets are not sold as "perfect". This could be because the colour does not match exactly the samples in the shops, or the nominal weight (e.g.50 oz) has not been achieved. There could be backing faults or pass lines for made-to-measure carpets. In many cases, the faults are minor and unnoticeable to the untrained eye and do not affect the lifetime or enjoyment of the carpet.

Out of Range
As Ryalux have such a wide range of products and colours, they are also constantly innovating with new designs. This means that trial products and discontinued colours are also sold through our shop.

Off-cuts and Remnants
Ryalux offer a cut-to-size service; as result, off-cuts are produced and ends of rolls are left over and these are also sold through our shop.

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