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Carpet Rugs, Runners & Mats

Transform your home by adding luxurious and colourful rugs or mats to your plain carpet or hard floor!

You will be amazed what difference a colourful carpet runner can make to a hall or landing! When your are having a stairs or bedroom carpet fitted, think also about adding a mat at the bottom of the stairs or to give extra protection to the high traffic areas.

Rather than dispose of our carpet off-cuts in land-fill sites, we re-use them to manufacture rugs, carpet runners and mats using our own whipping machines to produce a perfect edge.

We can make mats in standard sizes using a table-mounted whipping machine or made to measure in larger sizes using our wheeled floor whipper.

Carpet Mats
45 cm x 70 cm:     £5.00 incl. VAT
60 cm x 80 cm:     £7.00 incl. VAT

Hallway Rug

Carpet Runners
200 cm x 80 cm:   £20.00 incl. VAT
300 cm x 80 cm:   £25.00 incl. VAT
Or made to measure.

Lounge Rug

140 cm x 70 cm:   £15.00 incl. VAT
Or made to measure from our carpet stock, or bring your own for cutting and edging!

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